Babington and Backman set the BNL pace

Sean Babington has put the frustrations of the previous weekend’s Euro Max Challenge visit to Genk with a triumphant return to form at the same circuit, barely a week later (12/13 April).

Strawberry’s DD2 maestro was invincible in both of Saturday’s finals – forming the curtain-raiser of the increasingly popular BNL Karting Series - and was on top again in Sunday’s first big race. Babington accepted 2nd in the following contest, to give him a strong opening score for the rest of the series.

A strong weekend for his team-mate, Andreas Backman, ensured that Strawberry Racing left Belgium in the best possible shape for the remainder of the series. Using the three-round Benelux series to put more race experience under her belt, Jessica Backman was the team’s sole representative in the Senior Max class.

Despite a number of crashes at the fast Flanders circuit, she managed to put herself in a respectable 11th overall in the point’s classification, thanks to some spirited drives on Saturday.

The next round takes place at Ostricourt, in northern France, on 12/13 July.