McLaren Mercedes to feature unique Johnnie Walker livery for the Monaco Grand Prix

McLaren Mercedes has today unveiled a unique livery for the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix. To celebrate its special relationship with McLaren Mercedes, Johnnie Walker will feature prominently on the car, along with on the driver overalls and helmets.

The Monaco Grand Prix is a jewel in Formula 1’s crown and has come to symbolise quality, style and sophistication, as well as sporting endeavour. Johnnie Walker and McLaren Mercedes began their partnership in 2005 and Monaco is the ideal place to celebrate the success they have achieved during 160 Grand Prix races together.

The partnership between McLaren Mercedes and Johnnie Walker is successful because they share the same pioneering, innovative and progressive approach. The partnership is the perfect blend, with Johnnie Walker and McLaren Mercedes inspiring each other to pursue excellence.

The Monaco Grand Prix is also an ideal opportunity to reflect on the ground breaking activity undertaken by Johnnie Walker and McLaren Mercedes to promote responsible drinking through the Join the Pact campaign. To date, over one million people have pledged to the cause committing to never drink and drive. Consumers can make their commitment by visiting and using the hashtag #ImNOTdriving