Francesco Sini and the Chevrolet Camaro win EuroV8series Race 2 at Brno


After the bad crash suffered in Race 2 at Mugello, Francesco Sini had promised he would have been back. And he kept that promise in Race 2 at Brno with a sensational win with his rebuilt Chevrolet Camaro. On top of that, he also recovered lots of ground in points with his previous second place in Race 1. Celebrating with him onto the podium were Nicola Baldan, on the R.R.T. Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé, and Max Mugelli, on the Team BMW Dinamic M3 race car.

Baldan fought in both races with Sini, and after he scored third place in Race 1, he got more valuable points for the championship. He now has hit the 133-mark with 17 lengths more than Sini. Tomas Kostka is down in third with 113 points. In fourth, Niccolò Mercatali (BMW M3) sits five further points back.

Sini’s victory matured during the 6th lap. At the rolling start, Diego Romanini got a good jump from the pole on the Caal Racing Mercedes C63 AMG. Soon though he was passed by both Baldan and Sini. Then the Pescara-based Chevy man moved on his rival and never looked back. Although he soon joined the leading pack, Kostka made contact with team-mate Ermanno Dionisio. A touch which was probably caused by the same throttle issue that forced him to retire not too much later. The BMW M3s fought hard for the final podium spot but Max Mugelli managed to top team-mates Niccolò Mercatali and Maurizio Copetti. The Lexus ISF of Giovanni Lavaggi and the Audi RS5 of Ermanno Dionisio respectively scored seventh and eight place despite the latter was slowed down by clutch issues.

The next round of the 2014 EUROV8SERIES will be at Sachsenring, on September 20th and 21st. Like for the final round in Hockenheim, the series will run on a single-race weekend schedule.

Race 2 (top-5): 1. Francesco Sini (Chevrolet Camaro – Solaris Motorsport) 13 laps, 28’42.966; 2. Nicola Baldan (Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé – R.R.T.) 4.234; 3. Max Mugelli (BMW M3 – Team BMW Dinamic) 7.240; 4. Niccolò Mercatali (BMW M3 – Team BMW Dinamic) 11.748; 5. Maurizio Copetti (BMW M3 – Team BMW Dinamic) 11.938.

Drivers Standing (top-5): 1. Baldan 133 points; 2. Sini 116; 3. Kostka 113; 3. Mercatali 108; 5. Copetti 92.