Niklas Krutten to compete at two Top-Events in Italy

Whilst other children look forward to having some free time during autumn term, the young Kartracer Niklas Krütten is looking ahead to drive in two international prestigious races: From 23rd until 25th October, there will be the 'Trofeo delle Industrie' in Lonato/Italy and the “WSK Final Cup” will take place from 28th October until 1st November at Adria/Italy. At the conclusion of this year’s racing season, the young racer will compete against some of the strongest drivers in the world, hoping to demonstrate his striving performance once more this year. 

The Trofeo delle Industrie' is the oldest Kart Race in the world, which was launched in Parma in 1971 and has been carried out at the South Garda Circuit in Lonato the past few years. Stefano Modena, Giancarlo Fisichella, Jarno Trulli, Lewis Hamilton and Daniil Kvyat are just a few of the famous names listed in the winner´s and entry´s list, all drivers that have earned their stripes and went on to peruse their passion as their jobs. 

“It is something very special to take part in such a historic race”, says Niklas, who will race against 35 strong contenders from 16 nations in the Category KF Junior. “It would be great to leave an impression here together with my Team Forza Racing, following a long and tough season, in which I have learned a lot.”

Straight after the Trofeo, Niklas will head to the Adria International Raceway for the Final Cup of the WSK the weekend after. The WSK is one of the leading organisers of international Top-Events in the Karting Sport and also manages the European and World Championship in the name of CIK-FIA. A strong field of international elite drivers and participants is expected to take part in the season final of the WSK in Adria. 

“We have already race in four WSK Races this year. This is the international threshold for me. Apart from one exception, I had always qualified for the final race for the Top-30 drivers, being one of the youngest by far and racing against 70 others in my category”, says Niklas. “Adria is one of my favourite tracks and I hope to be able to take home some great results.”

The young racer is best prepared for racing in the WSK´s tenth anniversary at the Adria. Last weekend, Niklas spent two days with his Fitness Trainers by ProPerformance in England, establishing his own individual fitness program for the winter months to come.