MM International in AutoGP with Armando Mangini and Salvatore De Plano

The Tuscan team MM International Motorsport has entered the Auto GP Formula Open Championship with two drivers.

The team owner, Armando Mangini, will drive a F3000 (2002). Mangini is a veteran of racing. He raced in the Prototype and, over the last five years, in the championship Boss GP with a Dallara GP2 and with a Lola B02 / 50-Zytek.

His team-mate will be Salvatore De Plano, from Nuoro, born in 1974. De Plano, who will race with a GP2 (2005), competed in Auto GP in 2014, while last year he raced in the Boss GP series.

The team will be assisted on track by Nannini Racing. Auto GP Formula Open 2016, open to all cars from 2000 on, will start in Monza on May 22.