Hall and Hall - Historic F1 car specialist - new website

Hall and Hall - Historic F1 car specialist - new website

We've just finished a new web site for Hall & Hall. They are probably the world's leading historic F1 restorers and race preparation house. At an event like Goodwood Revival there are usually a large number of cars ran under the Hall & Hall pit area - 28 to be precise at the 2016 Revival meeting.

They also look after some mouthwatering GT and Sportscars and currently have a Matra MS650, Matra MS670B, D-Type, and DB3 in stock for sale....amongst the 25 odd cars they currently publically have for sale.

From a parts perspective - they are the leading supplier of Ferrari 4 cylinder engine parts, old racing Maserati engine parts and of course anything BRM - for which they are synonymous.

Their customer base is pretty "A" list - but they are very down to earth bunch of passionate race engineers - run by the father and son team of Rick and Rob Hall - with Rob's sister Karen also heavily involved in the business.

You know when you are dealing with serious players - when at the last visit they had the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Prototype Sperimentale #2643GT in the entrance foyer - direct development mule predecessor to the 250 GTO. It sort of sets the tone for the calibre of customer who uses your services...

Click here for the Official Hall and Hall web site designed and built by Racecar

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