Talacrest Classic Ferrari Book - Dealing in Dreams

Talacrest Classic Ferrari Book - Dealing in Dreams

We spent a fair amount of time working on this book for Talacrest - so we have sorted out some Christmas shopping already! And yes - of course John made us pay for them! We were happy to pay as the profits from the book sale are shared between 2 charities - The Thames Valley Air Ambulance & a charity we are involved in as we look after some retired ex-racehorses - the Racehorse Sanctuary http://www.racehorsesanctuary.org/

The book weighs 2.4kg and has 350 pages and has some revealing information on some of the bigger deals at the very top of the Ferrari market - which is somewhat unusual in the often "Opaque" Classic Car Market. Book features some great imagery from Ferrari Historian Marcel Massini and the Auto Italia archive - aswell as some of the ads we have done for Talacrest over the years.

Anyway it should be a great Christmas Gift for a petrol head and helps out 2 good causes - so go and buy the book by clicking on the following link:


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