Sports Classics London - classic car dealer in London - new web site

Sports Classics London - classic car dealer in London - new web site

We have just built a new site for Sports Classics London - situated in the heart of the Capital in South Kensington. Sports Classics London is run by Jonathan Kaiser and Paul Giovanni who have worked here for a number of years and today the business is focused on dealing with classic Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and other classic cars. Additionally a few F1 cars and special vintage models will be for sale from the Reece Mews showrooms.

The showrooms are adorned with some cool artworks - including some Dexter Brown originals - the Ferrari 312PB is spectacular! All the artworks are displayed on the web site and are offered for sale. Additionally if you have the space - there is a spectacular and very rare original 1906 builder’s model of R.M.S Mauretania. Built to 1:96 scale, this huge model is over 2.6m long and comprises of thousands of parts. Worth a visit to the showrooms alone!

Current stock includes a Ferrari 288 GTO - which is beleived to be the only physical example for sale in the UK today.

Click here for the Sports Classic web site - designed and built by Racecar

Anorak fact - We have built web sites for the last 3 occupiers of this building - starting with Cars International in 2005 and about 5 years later - Hexagon Classics and today - SportsClassicsLondon

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