A close call but Shere Hill Climb lives!

A close call but Shere Hill Climb lives!

After five years of slowly building our hill climb into a great day out for classic car enthusiasts, this year Surrey Police and Guildford Borough Council were not prepared to authorise the 2018 event before some concerns had been addressed!

These related to risks of driver injury & spectator safety and in spite of the fact that the Ride London Cycle Race sees someone die and more than a dozen riders hospitalised each year, and our event has completed five accident free years, this didn’t seem to make any difference.

At this point it’s also worth mentioning that our friends at Kop Hill Climb, who run a very similar but larger event, enjoy the full support of High Wycombe Council and Thames Valley Police, in fact the Council actively promotes and advertises the event.

Unhelpfully the full details of the concerns would only be disclosed to us at the Council’s next Safety Action Group meeting. Seemingly the Council did not view the urgency of the matter in the same way as we did, as the next meeting was nearly three months later! On 25th January the meeting was eventually held and after much discussion and the much appreciated help of one of the Guildford Safety team, we have been given permission to run the event again this year, provided certain changes are incorporated into the event, more of which to follow.

So although we are three months behind schedule, we are up and running and your team will be working hard to bring the usual happy event on Sunday 2nd September 2018. We hope that you will join us again and bring all your friends to support us in making a great day out.

Entries will again open on the 1st March and close on the last day of April. Watch this space!

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