The nine best TVR road cars selected by Goodwood Road & Racing

The nine best TVR road cars selected by Goodwood Road & Racing

TVR is one of those unlucky British car brands that didn’t quite make it. You can trace its roots back to 1946, an engineering business set up out of a small warehouse in Blackpool by a young Trevor Wilkinson.


The name changed in 1947 to TVR engineering (remove a few letters from ‘Trevor’ and you’ll see where the name came from), and over the following 60 years the business produced some of the most exciting, fastest and loudest cars on the road. The cars weren’t always perfect – far from it, in many cases – and the company saw a number of owners before production stopped in 2006. But still, as you’ll see, TVR had a seriously good run…


TVR Grantura – 1958
The earliest TVRs are funny little creations. The very first car with a TVR badge, for example, the TVR 1 from 1949 which sadly no longer exists, was a split-screen, roofless two-seater with Morris 8 mechanicals, a Ford 100E engine and a handmade metal body. The TVR 2 from later the same year, meanwhile, was another roofless two-seater that was used as a racer and had the rev counter from a Spitfire. Not the car, the World War II fighter plane.


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TVR Tamora
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