Bentley Continental GT Ice Race Car joins new DIRT 5™ Super Size Content Drop

Bentley Continental GT Ice Race Car joins new DIRT 5™ Super Size Content Drop

DIRT 5™ introduces the new Super Size Content Pack, which includes the Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer first seen at Zell am See in 2020
Year 1 and Amplified Edition players will have immediate access to the Bentley Ice Race car, and Standard Edition players can purchase it
Three new Bentley livery options will be available to customise your Bentley, including a GT Ice Race Livery, Art Livery and Toblerone livery
DIRT 5™ is a Codemasters® award-winning off-road racing game, available on Playstation, Xbox and PC.

Bentley’s Continental GT Ice Race car joins the new DIRT 5™ Super Size Content Drop on July 20, allowing players to experience the thrill of the ice race, sporting bespoke Bentley liveries, from the comfort of their own home. DIRT 5™ is the award-winning off-road racing game from Codemasters® known for spectacular scenery and exhilarating circuits, playgrounds and stadiums. The amplified, off-road racing experience will now offer a Bentley off-road grand tourer, ready to take on all terrain and all challengers.

The cover star of the DIRT 5™ game update is the Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer. However, don’t be fooled by the name and inspiration behind the virtual car, while this Ice Racer will indeed be right at home on sub-zero surfaces at New York, Norway and Nepal this 626 bhp racecar will tear up all surfaces in DIRT 5™ on its 22-inch rims; a perfect blend of luxurious design and extreme performance. Available in three liveries as part of this DLC pack:

GT Ice Race Livery: the livery of the GP Ice Race car that raced at Zell am See in 2020.
Art Livery: the fantasy livery co-designed Sean Bull Design, for inclusion in the DLC pack
Toblerone Livery: designed in-house by the Codemasters team
The Bentley Ice Race Continental GT was specially prepared for the 2020 GP Ice Race in Zell am See, and reflected Bentley’s heritage of high performance on ice throughout recent decades. The livery of the car pays homage to its record-breaking compatriot from the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2019.

Chris Senn, Engineer at Bentley Motorsport, commented: “I cannot wait to get my hands on the Dirt 5™ Super Size content pack and experience the thrill of drifting the Continental GT Ice Racer in all the different environments.”

Robert Karp, DIRT 5™ Development Director at Codemasters said, “The Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer is an awesome addition to the vehicle roster, allowing players to tackle unique new terrain from New York to Nepal.”

The Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer will feature as part of the Super Size Content Pack, dropping tomorrow, as the third paid content pack for DIRT 5™ launching on 20 July 2021. Year 1 and Amplified Edition players will gain access to the car as part of their entitlement, or players with the Standard Edition can purchase the pack on its own to add the car to their collection.

DIRT 5™ is available to players of PlayStation 4 and 5; Xbox One, Series X and Series S; Windows Store; Steam; Google Stadia and soon Amazon Luna.

DIRT 5™’s new Super Size Content pack will feature a line-up of three additional iconic modern race cars, with the Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer being one of the most imposing vehicles on the game’s roster. 27 new bespoke Career events, new circuits and various Playgrounds as well as new Achievements and Trophies will also be available. The Super Size Career chapter adds 27 tailored events, each centered around these incredible machines. Two new Careeer sponsors have also been introduced, Toblerone and Power Maxed, each with their own unique rewards earned by completing objectives.


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