British F3 rebranded as GB3

British F3 rebranded as GB3

The BRDC British Formula 3 Championship will be rebranded as the GB3 Championship with immediate effect, racing under its new name from the upcoming Snetterton round on 7/8 August.

Changing to the new GB3 name is purely a consequence of the FIA’s decision to limit the use of the F3 title exclusively for the international FIA F3 series, as a result of which national governing bodies are not able to grant permits for national level single-seater championships using the F3 brand.

GB3 organiser MSV is very disappointed that it has been forced into the change, having done everything possible to preserve the historically significant British F3 title and ensure that drivers could continue to follow in the wheel tracks of the series’ biggest names, including Ayrton Senna and Mika Hakkinen. MSV has however accepted a change of direction following extended talks with the FIA, whom it is eager to successfully work with, and looks forward to moving ahead with building up a strong new brand in GB3.

GB3 will continue to be the UK’s leading single-seater championship, carrying drivers from junior formulae towards a full-time career in professional motorsport. Under previous guises, the series helped produce two of F1’s most exciting current talents in George Russell and Lando Norris, and it will continue to offer a superb platform for drivers to emulate them.

MSV has always championed the importance of great value single-seater racing, and this won’t change in the GB3 era. The series will continue to be focussed on offering prospective F1 drivers an outstanding platform to develop and prove their ability and potential, running to the same technical regulations, with affordability and equality firmly at the heart of the championship’s philosophy.

The strength of the package on offer is reinforced by this year’s entry list, which has featured drivers from no fewer than 10 different countries. It’s an attractive championship for teams too, with many of Europe’s top single-single outfits committed long-term – Carlin, Hitech and Arden currently occupy the top three spots in the Team’s Championship.

MSV Chief Executive Jonathan Palmer said: “I am extremely saddened by the fact that we are no longer permitted to use British F3 name. Having existed over half a century, the British F3 title has enormous heritage and the championship has played an important role in the careers of many F1 drivers, including my own. The strength of our championship is however built upon much more than just a name and that will be reflected in its ongoing success. 

“I am very excited about the future of a series which has firmly established itself as the country’s leading single seater championship. GB3 offers a strong, fresh and concise identity and we will continue to deliver a package which is enormously attractive to both teams and drivers.  GB3 will play a vital role in the careers of many young drivers, and MSV remains firmly committed to providing the fairest and best value championship at this level anywhere in the world.”

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