Mission Motorsport Takes the Plasan SandCat Rallying

Mission Motorsport Takes the Plasan SandCat Rallying

It started as an amusing conversation between Plasan's Design Director, Nir Kahn, and Mission Motorsport CEO, James Cameron. Wouldn't it be fun to turn a Plasan SandCat into a rally-style "SandCategrale" and to let beneficiaries of the charity drive it on a rally course?

Mission Motorsport, The Forces’ Motorsport Charity, is a cause close to the heart of Plasan. By recognising and using the astonishing healing powers of motorsport, the charity aids in the recovery of those affected by military operations to recover and gain new skills that they can use to find a career in the automotive industry outside of the military. As Kahn puts it, "Some of these people weren't fortunate enough to have been in a Plasan protected vehicle when it mattered, and so it is appropriate for us to do something for them now".

The highly protected armoured SandCat has been touring the UK as part of Plasan's collaboration with partner Ricardo Engineering, and has been undergoing trials and appraisals with various potential users. In between its work duties Plasan commissioned Mission Motorsport beneficiary, Matt Stringer of Matt's Wraps to apply Martini-style stripes, similar to those famously featured on the mighty Lancia Delta Integrale rally car, turning the SandCat into a "SandCategrale".

Thanks to the generosity of Silverstone Rally School everything came together on a drizzly Monday afternoon, the 28th of June, when a group of Mission Motorsport beneficiaries were let loose to see what the SandCat could do on the tight technical course of the rally school. All were surprised by how agile the 7t SandCat felt on a course more suitable for Subaru Imprezas, but the vehicle proved its capabilities by safely being thrown around by those who dared, while as many as nine others sat comfortably inside, enjoying the ride. As Matt put it, "driving the SandCat was really comfy and easy. You forget that it’s a big armoured vehicle, it's nothing like I used to drive in the army". With over 1000Nm of torque and a Limited Slip Differential helping to put the power down, the SandCat made for a controllable rally special through Silverstone Rally School's challenging corners.

Plasan, together with Ricardo Engineering, are proud to support the great work of Mission Motorsport, and were happy to help make an enjoyable day for their beneficiaries.