Bruno Senna joins Airspeeder as racing pilot

Bruno Senna joins Airspeeder as racing pilot

Airspeeder, the creator of the world’s first racing series for electric flying cars announced the confirmation of Formula 1, Formula E, FIA World Endurance Championship driver and World eX race winner, Bruno Senna as a racing development pilot and global ambassador. 

Senna joins Airspeeder on the cusp of announcing its first EXA Remotely Piloted races and will play a key role in the development of the sport and the technical and dynamic development of the Speeders that will take part in it. He will also race in forthcoming remotely piloted EXA races and will play a major role in the sport as it moves towards first crewed Airspeeder GPs in 2023 and beyond. 

Throughout his career, Senna has operated at the cutting-edge of motorsport. He was an early entrant into Formula E and has also pioneered the growth of eSports by transitioning from Formula 1 to a race winning seat in the Williams RCCO World eX Championship. In that sense, Senna is the perfect embodiment of the worlds that Airspeeder combines to create what promises to be the world’s most compelling next-generation motorsport. 

“I could not resist the opportunity to approach Airspeeder to be part of this incredible sport. In doing so I am proud to shape the world’s first racing series for electric flying racing cars. Airspeeder combines my passions for racing, flying and being part of the development of cutting-edge technology. I cannot wait to take control of these incredible vehicles and show the world the potential of a true next generation motorsport” he said.

The first racers were selected from more than 1,500 individuals drawn from the world’s of civil and military aviation, FPV flying, motorsport and even eSports. Senna will play a leading role in a rigorous process of training and development akin to that of an elite F1 or endurance racer. This will include banking more than 2000 collective hours on the Alauda Aeronautics 6-DoF VR simulator. 

The EXA Racing Series will see elite pilots fly full sized Mk3 Speeders blade-to-blade at speeds of up to 200km/h. This will become the long-term development series for forthcoming Airspeeder crewed races. Senna and his pilot colleagues will therefore play a vital role in refining the dynamic characteristics, controls and race-craft. 

Text, Photo Credit: Airspeeder

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