Amari Supercars - Supercar dealer web site by Racecar

Amari Supercars - Supercar dealer web site by Racecar

Just launched a site for Amari Supercars - leading Supercar dealer. Job involved building the site and content management tools with some neat features in the back end.

They always have a great inventory of Supercars/Hypercars including Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes and Rolls Royce and at the time of launch had 64 cars in stock.

Their showroom is just over a couple of hours from London and interestingly they have done quite a bit of business with Crypto payments recently. Obviously due to the nature of the cars they sell, they do a significant amount of business overseas - many clients simply having a car delivered without visiting their showroom - which is a shame as the showroom has some seriously good tackle within.

The principals are major Lamborghini enthusiasts and the showroom usually has some of their own cars from their impressive personal collection on display.

In addition to Supercars, they always have a large selection of Mercedes G Wagon's in stock - which must be the ultimate tow car - would love one!

If you would like a bespoke web site as a specialist car dealer or restorer with similar production values - get in touch - we always have similar jobs n build for customers all over the world

Click here for the Amari Supercars web site designed and built by Racecar

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