Lancia Delta Integrale Giallo Ferrari sells for £104,625 at Silverstone Auctions, results

Lancia Delta Integrale Giallo Ferrari sells for £104,625 at Silverstone Auctions, results

1992 Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione 1 Giallo Ferrari  Limited Edition - One of only 295 '-  with less than 17,000 miles from new.

From the mid-1960s until the early 1990s, Lancia was a major force in international rallying, winning the ‘World Rally Championship for Makes’ no fewer than 11 times between 1972 and 1992, including a remarkable six successive victories commencing in 1987. During the same period, Lancia drivers won the European Rally Championship on 14 occasions and the World Drivers' Championship (only instigated in 1978) four times. Badged as the Delta HF 4WD on its introduction in 1986, the model retained the Volumex supercharger initially before switching to a straightforward turbo when transformed into the Integrale in 1987. The latter would prove a supremely capable rally car, winning the World Championship in both 1987 and 1988, yet in road trim remained a thoroughly practical family hatchback. Integrale performance was boosted further by the introduction of a 16-valve cylinder head for the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine in 1989, maximum power increasing to 200bhp and top speed to around 220km/h.

Homologated to maintain the works rally team's competitive edge, the first Evoluzione models were manufactured towards the end of 1991, incorporating wider front and rear track, appropriately altered bodywork, an engine re-mapped to produce 210bhp and a number of other detail improvements. The Evo 2 was essentially the same but came with a catalyst in the exhaust system, however, it’s the original Evoluzione that is nowadays generally recognised as having the closest connection to the original Group A cars and consequently is the more desirable of the two. With the Integrale's reputation firmly established, Lancia began offering a number of limited-edition variants, split pretty evenly between those that featured a non-standard colour and those that celebrated their rallying heritage. One of the rarest and most collectable was the 'Giallo Ferrari' of which only 295 were built. They were finished in Giallo Fly with a black leather interior and a number of small cosmetic differences.

With an odometer reading 27,772km (16,605 miles) this delectable Integrale Evo 1 must surely be one of the lowest mileage Evo 1s on the market today. The meagre mileage can be partly explained by the fact that the Lancia appears to have been secreted away, unregistered, shortly after it was new and with only 75km on the clock for over 8 years before being discovered. We can only assume that a ‘canny’ Italian dealer felt sure that a rare, limited-edition Integrale with delivery miles only would be sure to appreciate in value and, in that, he was certainly correct.


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