Andrea Vesco and Fabio Salvinelli win the 1000 Miglia 2022

Andrea Vesco and Fabio Salvinelli win the 1000 Miglia 2022

The Brescian regularity driver equals Giuliano Cané's record, being the first driver to make a "hat-trick" since 2000


Andrea Vesco and Fabio Salvinelli have won the 1000 Miglia 2022. Crew number 46, aboard the Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS ZAGATO of 1929, repeated the success achieved in the 2021 edition. For Vesco, also first in 2020 alongside his father Roberto, there is the double satisfaction of having conquered a taboo that had endured for 22 years. Only Giuliano Cané, between 1998 and 2000, had managed to prevail in three consecutive editions of the "most beautiful race in the world."

In second place, just like a year ago, was Crew number 40 formed by Andrea Luigi Belometti and Gianluca Bergomi in a 1929 Lancia Lambda Spider Type 221. Third step of the podium for Crew number 8 formed by Lorenzo and Mario Turelli in a 1929 O.M. 665 S MM Superba 2000.

Silvia Marini and Irene Dei Tos, in a 1929 Bugatti T40, won the Ladies Cup.

The intense and challenging 1000 Miglia 2022 required great skill from the crews on 115 Time Trials and 8 Average Trials. The Capodimonte dirt road trials on the shores of Lake Bolsena were particularly popular.

Four are the winners of the special trophies linked to the Time Trials. Lorenzo and Mario Turelli, in a 1929 O.M. 665 S MM Superba 2000, won the Nuvolari Trophy, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Tazio Nuvolari’s birth. To Giovanni Moceri and Valeria Dicembre, in a 1928 Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Super Sport, went the San Marino Republic Trophy. Andrea Vesco and Fabio Salvinelli, in addition to winning the Race, also won the City of Siena Trophy. The Monza Circuit Centennial Trophy was won by Alberto and Giuseppe Scapolo in a 1929 O.M. 665 S MM Superba 2000.

"It was the 1000 Miglia of the return to normality," commented Cav. Aldo Bonomi, president of AC Brescia. "In addition to having rediscovered the foreign crews, unavoidably absent in 2020 and 2021, we experienced the extraordinary participation of the public along the roads and in the squares. We want to believe that this is a new beginning after difficult years, a return to sharing our race with the people."

"A particularly heartfelt thank you to all the Participants, Partners, Local Administrations and the Police who escorted us along the entire route," says Alberto Piantoni, CEO of 1000 Miglia. "A heartfelt thank you to the 1000 Miglia Team and all the volunteers who made this event possible”.

"The first 1000 Miglia as President gave me new emotions," commented Beatrice Saottini. "Participating in the race in this capacity after having experienced it so many times as a competitor completed the perception I had of what an unforgettable experience this is”.

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