Catalina Flying Boat 'Miss Pick Up' @ H&H Classics

Catalina Flying Boat 'Miss Pick Up' @ H&H Classics

Photo courtesy of: P.E.Langenfeld

Opportunity to purchase a 1/25 share in Catalina Aircraft Ltd - Estimate £22,000 - £28,000 


For more than thirty years, Plane Sailing Air Displays Ltd has had the privilege of operating ‘Miss Pick Up’, a 1943 Catalina Flying Boat. It is thought that just ten Catalinas remain airworthy worldwide with ‘Miss Pick Up’ being the sole example in Europe. She averages approximately 80 hours’ flying per annum from her Duxford base to destinations and air shows throughout the UK and Europe.

Since 2002, ownership has been divested by way of a group concept, with 20 shares - and this has proved to be a very successful way of running this particular aircraft. There is room in the ownership group for pilots, who can have a chance of flying this very special lady. And there is also room in the group for aircraft / flying boat enthusiasts too, who can take pride in owning part of a very special piece of aviation history, and who can come flying in the Catalina. It goes without saying that, for pilots and enthusiasts alike, the opportunity to be part of the operation landing and taking off from water falls into a truly unique and special category. For it is on the water that the Catalina is back in her element, her spiritual birthplace, and it is there that she shows her true capabilities.

We are announcing the addition of 5 new Ordinary shares to the Catalina group, increasing from 20 to 25 Ordinary shares. With this small increase comes the chance for 5 more individuals to join the Catalina group and find out at first-hand just what it is that makes this aircraft special, and just what it is really like to fly, or fly in, the aircraft, perhaps for hour after hour on a long-range flight - albeit considerably shorter than those which the wartime crews managed.

So it is that we present here the opportunity to join the group, and to experience some of the tremendous fun and satisfaction to be had from keeping this particular piece of aviation history alive and flying and on display. But perhaps most importantly - we want to keep reminding today’s younger generations of the service and sacrifices of all those wartime crews who gave so much with the Catalina. There is no better way of doing this than with a flying example of the Catalina. As a shareholder of Catalina Aircraft Ltd, you will own a piece of a very special aircraft, see and support her operation at first-hand, fly on her as she tours around Europe (and sometimes beyond), and - for those holding appropriate pilot qualifications - experience the thrill and satisfaction of handling and displaying this unique aircraft, from land and ultimately from water.

Ownership is subject to a monthly fee of £300. Full details and terms & conditions of ownership are available in the Prospectus

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Auction commences 10am Wednesday 20th September - Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire CB22 4QR

Tuesday 19th September 2023 from 1pm to 8pm
Wednesday 20th September 2023 from 9am

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