Allan Rennie - RIP - 1944 - 2023

Allan Rennie - RIP - 1944 - 2023

Pic of Allan's unique Lotus 35 Martin F1 car - he built from scratch - being driven with his usual comittment

Allan passed away last week whilst riding his mountain bike in the Surrey Hills and was a much loved friend and decades ago a client when he ran Loxwoods motor company. He was probably riding flat out - which is how he lived life.

How do you describe a guy who:

- In the 70's drove his Ferrari Boxer flat out down to his boat or plane for all sorts of adventures (would tell you off for speeding forgetting 170 on the clock was reached in his Boxer :) back in the day)

- Learned to sail by crossing the atlantic with novice crew he picked up and ended up in Brazil 

- Flew his various planes as an accomplished pilot from Blackbushe airport

- Sold anything from a 288 GTO to a lime green body kitted 7 series BMW from his forecourt at Loxwoods

- Held a lap record for years at Brands in his monoposto single seater

- Won races on his honda nsr 250 GP bike - owned just about every exotic bike you could imagine and could ride round the outside of you with embarassing amounts of talent. 

- Fixed numerous cars and bikes of mine where no-one else had an idea where to start - in exchange for a beer and a promise that i would not try and "fix" something without his input again!

- Was blessed with the most warm hearted and generous nature

You would describe him as a total legend - a guy who had forgotten more about engineering than most learn in a lifetime and lived life to the full. Condolemces to his neice Alex and her family - he will be sorely missed.

He loved animals - in particular dogs - even my various German Shepherds would would give him a friendly "nip" when he came into the office :) and a donation to dogs trust would be appreciated on the link below. 

His funeral is next week on 22nd December 2023 - details on link below:

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