1967 Porsche 911S @ Worldwide Auctioners Scottsdale auction

1967 Porsche 911S @ Worldwide Auctioners Scottsdale auction

1967 Porsche 911S - VIN: 307080S
First year for the highly desirable 911S
Numbers-matching engine and transaxle per its Kardex
2023 major engine-out service performed; Titled, track ready and completely street legal
Successful participant in the 2023 Tejas Turismo - a three-day, 800-mile Texas Hill Country Rally
The ultimate expression of one of the most desirable 911 models

From launch, the 911S has been the hands-down favorite of driving enthusiasts around the world, with the early short-wheelbase examples providing exceptional performance and unmatched levels of driver and machine interaction. The high-performance "S" or "Super" debuted in 1966 for the 1967 model year and benefited from the lessons learned in competition, quickly giving rise to lightweight racing variants that dominated their respective classes. Main "S" upgrades included a compression boost to 9.8:1, forged pistons with raised crowns, stronger connecting-rods, high-performance camshafts with increased overlap, enlarged valves, Weber IDS carburetors, and revised exhaust ducting, plus ventilated disc brakes and high-performance chassis revisions. Top speed performance approached, and sometimes exceeded, 140 miles per hour.


When new, Porsche advertising copy provocatively described the 911S as "…no car for the novice." However, the Car and Driver magazine's road test report of the 911S found the car easier to live with and enjoy, dispelling the reputed "peakiness" and oversteering tendencies normally ascribed to the car over the intervening 45-plus years since its debut. During their time with the 911S, Car and Driver testers clocked a blistering 6.5-second sprint from rest to 60 mph, enroute to a strong 15.2-second trip over the quarter mile. Interestingly, the Car and Driver report claimed that this performance was achieved with a test car that was not tuned or dealer-prepared prior to the test.


Offered from the first year of the 911S, comes this 1967 Porsche 911S Coupe, which many, if not all Porsche aficionados will agree, is the most desirable and best driving variant. Documented by its Kardex, it retains its numbers-matching engine and transaxle, a rare combination to come across in today's age. An accomplished race car from 1996 to 2012, it has undergone a professional 'reversion' back to its 'period style' race form in 2023. Paying homage to one of the most historic racing liveries in existence, team Martini and Rossi, this street-legal race car was properly outfitted and upgraded with Sheridan Motorsports Amber engine shrouds, engine surround tin, fan block-offs, as well as rain shields to protect the engine. Also included in the upgrade were new engine and transaxle mounts, a restored and rebuilt transaxle by Bill Rader Motorsports, a rebuild of the carburetors, new spark plugs, wires, and retainers, new BILSTEIN shocks, Pilot bearings, a replacement fuel cell placed in the trunk, and many other items. To meet racing standards, this 911S has Hoosier Vintage Speedster tires and lug nuts.


The interior is presented with RS touring black leatherette/corduroy sport seats with Deist harness seatbelts and are flanked by frame rails. Other interior items include 911R ribbed floor mats and RS carpet set, 911R steering wheel assembly, horn kit, and a finely detailed dash.


A member of the Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing Club, this Porsche has partaken in multiple GT5s class races and is accompanied by a complete log book of all the races it participated in from 1996 to 2012. Within the last year, this example was the recipient of a complete engine-out servicing, which is documented by photos, and a participant of a dyno test to dial in the tune. Most recently, this 911S Coupe partook on the 2023 Tejas Turismo, a Texas Hill Country Rally, where its driver and current owner praised its performance, so much so, that he began to have second thoughts about selling this Porsche when recalling the event. This is a true testament to its performance and the enjoyment it brings to its owners. After the tour, it was dry ice blasted and thoroughly detailed, leaving it in spotless condition.


Robed in an iconic racing livery, and ready to be thoroughly enjoyed on the street or the track, this first-year, 1967 Porsche 911S Coupe is the ultimate driver's car with unsurpassed usability and eye appeal.

The Scottsdale Auction | January 26

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