Ferrari North Europe personalised Press Car reg numbers at charity auction

Ferrari North Europe personalised Press Car reg numbers at charity auction

Ferrari North Europe has announced plans to sell 25 Press Car registration numbers at a charity auction on Saturday 18th May 2024. The majority of these registration numbers have appeared on many of the Press cars from the FNE fleet over the past 20 years or so, including many front covers of magazines such as Autocar, CAR, EVO and Top Gear.

Some of the highlights of the sale include:

458 FNE      This appeared on 4x FNE Press Cars between 2011 - 2014, including 3x 458 Italia and 1x 458 Speciale which won every Car of the Year Award from the UK media in 2014.
F1 CAL     This appeared on 6x FNE Press Cars between 2009-2016, including 4x California, 1x California Handling Speciale, and 1x California T.
F1 FWE    This appeared on a Press Car registered on behalf of Ferrari West Europe in Paris.
F8 TRB       This appeared on the FNE Press Car F8 Tributo in 2020.
V12 SFT    This appeared on 2x FNE Press Car 812 Superfast in 2018 and 2019.
V70 LAF     This appeared on the very limited series LaFerrari Aperta produced to celebrate the company’s 70th Anniversary, it was the Lead Car in the 70th Anniversary UK Tour.
V8 SCU     This appeared on an FNE Press Car which achieved iconic status: a 430 Scuderia in Avio Metallic which won every Car of the Year test from the UK car magazines in 2008.

All of these registration numbers will be offered for sale by Iconic Auctioneers during the Sale of Ferrari Cars which takes place at SupercarFest at Sywell Park on Saturday 18 May 2024. Bids can be placed in person, online or via the telephone on the day of the event or a commission (pre-bid) can be placed in advance via the Iconic Auctioneers website. As with all Iconic Auctioneers sales, the auction will be live streamed on their website on the day allowing those around the world to partake in the action. In addition to all proceeds from the sale being donated to charity, Iconic Auctioneers have also agreed to donate the buyer’s fees for each sale, adding a further 10% to the amount raised.

The charity partner for this auction sale is Ben: The funds from the sale of registration numbers will allow Ben to continue to provide life-changing support for families in the automotive industry, including additional educational needs for children and young people, tackling issues such as digital poverty, increasing access to technology to aid learning, provision of additional mentoring and tutoring to help narrow attainment gaps for those struggling at school., as well as meeting basic costs associated with primary and higher education.

The full list of plates for sale is as follows, with some details relating to the cars to which they were relevant at the time of purchase:

458 FNE 458 Italia / Ferrari North Europe

C1 FWE Convertible / Ferrari West Europe (car registered in France)

C8 EDF Convertible / 8 cylinder / Electronic Differential (EDF)

F1 CAL F1 / California

F1 FWE F1 / Ferrari West Europe (car registered in France)

F11 TAL F1 / Italy

F12 ALU Ferrari F12berlinetta / Aluminium construction

F12 HYK Ferrari 12 cylinder / Hybrid KERS

F12 SFT Ferrari F12berlinetta / Superfast (bodystyle and transmission)

F8 SFT F8 Tributo / Superfast (transmission)

F8 TRB F8 Tributo

FF12 BER Ferrari F12berlinetta

FF12 FNE Ferrari F12berlinetta / Ferrari North Europe

HY12 KER Hybrid 12 cylinder / KERS

SF69 HYB Scuderia Ferrari / Hybrid

V12 HGT V12 / Handling GT

V12 HYK V12 / Hybrid KERS

V12 OTO V12 / One to One (prior to Atelier Personalisation)

V12 SFT V12 / Superfast (bodystyle and transmission)

V6 FDE V6 / Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer

V6 YAW V6 / Yaw Control

V70 LAF 70th Anniversary / LaFerrari

V8 EDF V8 / Electronic Differential (EDF)

V8 PFN V8 / Portofino

V8 SCU V8 / Scuderia

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