Masters Historic goes Dutch in 2012

Masters Historic Racing is set to make a return to Holland as it heads to Zandvoort in 2012. Masters will form the core of the new Zandvoort Historic Grand Prix to be run on September 1-2, 2012.

The new event has been driven by the burgeoning number of Dutch historic racers, many of whom race with Masters already. Masters will run races for GP Masters, World Sportscar Masters, Gentlemen Drivers Pre-66 GT Cars and Sports Racing Masters.

The seaside circuit played host to the Dutch Grand Prix and will echo its 1970s races by bringing a grid of Formula 1 cars to run in the two GP Masters races. Sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s will do battle in the WSM races, while drivers like David Hart and Alexander Weavers will be a force to be reckoned with in the Gentlemen Drivers Pre-66 GT race in their AC Cobras. At the circuit once managed by his father, Hans Hugenholtz will head the Sports Racing Masters entry in his Ford GT40.

Masters Historic Racing Event Manager Rachel Bailey said: “We are really excited about going to Zandvoort and we are delighted that this event has been created. There is a growing historic motor sport movement in Holland but there is a limited number of events, but with the combined efforts of Zandvoort, Masters and HARC, it should be a superb weekend. We will be taking cars that raced at Zandvoort in period and others that have never been seen at the circuit before so it should be a tremendous weekend.”

Extra races will be provided by the Dutch HARC organisation for local competitors at what should be the birth of a major event in European historic racing.