Toyota 2000 GT flattened

Toyota 2000 GT flattened

On the assumption that this is not an MX5 based replica - but one of the 351 originals - a rare example of Japan's first Supercar has lost an argument with a tree

Seems a rotten 30m Beech tree happened to fall over a passing Toyota 2000 GT - news report says the men were "slightly injured" - in which case judging by the wreck of the car - they got off rather lightly!

Based on the huge price increases these cars have realised recently - as Americans and Europeans have woken up to what these exquisite little jewels are all about.

With the value of these cars now in excess of £500k - it is not unrealistic to assume that this won't be repaired...

If you are interested in these cars - and know what they worth - we have a friend in Japan who knows a few of these for sale in Japan...

Click here for a video on Racecar client - JD Classics - talking about restoring a Toyota 2000 GT