1000 Miglia green lights with Brescia Castle time trials

1000 Miglia green lights with Brescia Castle time trials

The 2024 edition of the Red Arrow started at 12:30 pm from the Viale Venezia platform. Shortly before the start, a thunderstorm had threatened to complicate the start of the race, but a few moments before the Time Control of the O.M.'s, as always the first cars to start, the rain became light and the unmistakable odour of the engines in the air gave those present a quintessential atmosphere of the Most Beautiful Race In The World.


Waiting for the passage of the more than 400 cars built between 1927 and 1957 was a festive crowd, which began to fill the centre of Brescia already by late morning today. There could not have been a more exciting start for the drivers and their navigators, who over the next 5 days will drive the vintage jewels over more than 2200 kilometres, testing themselves in 144 Time Trials, 8 Average Trials, 30 Passage Controls and 21 Time Controls.


“The wait before the race is always nerve-wracking,” said Andrea Vesco, in the hunt for his fourth consecutive victory at the 1000 Miglia, from the cockpit of the 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C SS Spider Zagato. “Let's hope it doesn't keep raining so we can pull down the top, but in any case once we get going I hope we settle into the race well as always.”


A lot of excitement for Gianmario Fontanella and Anna Maria Covelli, first pursuers of the Vesco Salvinelli duo after their second place last year: ‘”We are excited, and focused, despite the rain, the atmosphere is beautiful. We look forward to a great result".


After the start, the cars immediately headed up to Brescia Castle for the first Time Trials, before bidding farewell to the city with the Passage Control and Village Parade in Piazza Vittoria. Subsequently, the convoy headed through the vineyards and hills of Franciacorta, where it re-joined the Ferrari Tribute cars that had set off from Iseo. In Franciacorta territory, there were a further six Time Trials in a row, at the end of which Palazzolo sull'Oglio hosted a Passage Control at the foot of Europe's highest round bell tower, a prelude to the entrance into Bergamo territory.

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