Artcurial St Tropez auction sale nets $11.8m - including this 2.7 RS

Artcurial St Tropez auction sale nets $11.8m - including this 2.7 RS

Modern hypercar stuff did not do very well her - surprising considering venue?! However this unashamedly "bitza" 2.7 RS Touring modified to 471 lwt spec with non-original spicy 2.8 motor rang the bell at 333760 euros - higher end of the 250-350k estimate range. At this price - about £280k - this well known car is ready to go on events and simply enjoy being driven as a real RS - not a million miles away price wise from a vanilla appendix k replica....

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Details on 911 RS below

Carte grise française

Châssis n° 9113600519 Moteur n° LM 16

- Delivered new in France, same owner for 40 years

- 2.8 RS engine designed and built by Louis Meznarie 

- Numerous improvements using Gr 3/4-certified options.

- Comprehensive vehicle history and technical file

This Porsche 2.7 RS is simply unique. Leaving the factory on 22nd of March 1973, destined for the French market, this Touring version was originally one of 161 examples in "ivory white". A few years later, it was upgraded to a 'G' configuration, before being registered in the Loire in 1981. Its current owner, well known within 2.7 RS circles, purchased it in December 1984 via a classified ad that is still in the file! In 1985, the car was entrusted to Garage Meznarie, renowned for its tuning, for the Le Mans 24 Hours in particular. In June 1986, a major restoration was undertaken to return the car to its 1973 configuration, with the bodywork stripped down to bare metal and 'shooped'. At the same time, the suspension attachments were reinforced, as seen on the 2.8 RSR. The chrome parts were painted matt black, as were a dozen special orders placed at the time, and the car was repainted black. Modified as an 'M471 light' version, thin mats, light door trims and M471 bucket seats were fitted and the rear seats removed, trimming off 95 kg. 

In 1995, the design of a new engine was entrusted to Louis Meznarie: from a new magnesium crankcase and crankshaft, a single-ignition 2.8L with SC RS 3L camshafts was assembled. Details of the tuning carried out are supplied with the car and testify to exceptional expertise: 240 hp at 5,750 rpm, but above all, an impressive torque range - a far cry from the original mechanics! The comparison of the curves featured in the file is particularly edifying! Equipped with an additional oil cooler, light-alloy suspension arms, large brakes with RSR 4-piston callipers, and a 'Rally' exhaust system, this authentic 2.7 RS, bearing a secret number that confirms its identity, has benefited from improvements in line with FIA competition approvals, or planned by the manufacturer as a factory option. Accompanied by a comprehensive history of every mechanical intervention, with invoices from carefully selected professionals, the car underwent a thorough appraisal in November 2023. It has been published in Flat Six, Speedster and Gazette Porsche. It will be delivered with its rear seats, original air filter, original brakes and a few other parts. The result of 40 years' work on the model, this 2.7 RS is a formidable performer both on the road and on the track, thanks in no small part to the jewel in the crown - namely, its engine, the sound of which makes you want to head straight for the nearest track and fight it out.

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