Forge Motorsport Intake Pressure Compensation Valve

Forge Motorsport has long been associated with clever, ground breaking innovations, but the company’s latest design is one of the smartest ideas to appear onto the automotive aftermarket for quite some time; the Intake Press Compensation Valve (IPCV) – an idea so ingenious that the company has patented it!

Put simply, this engineering marvel prevents boost loss across the components of any turbo-charged, forced induction car, it allows any specification of dump or diverter valve to work perfectly, regardless of engine boost levels, and it ensures perfect operation for any diverter valve, irrespective of the spring or diaphragm rate within it. But how does this small, but perfectly formed part do all this?

The IPCV has been designed to address a potential issue in many turbo-charged cars. By increasing the load on the top part of the internal piston or diaphragm of a vehicle’s turbocharger pressure relief or diverter/dump valve (DV) the IPCV allows it to form a superior seal, irrespective of the boost pressure being generated.

In doing so, the IPCV allows an equal or greater pressure on the top side of the piston or diaphragm of a DV, allowing it to make a better seal onto its seat. This prevents the DV opening on high boost, load or rpm, and prevents the need for a stronger spring in the DV as the boost pressure is increased, which has always been the case up until now. By allowing the fitment of a weaker spring in the DV, significantly faster valve response is assured, thanks to less resistance to the vacuum operation when the unit opens to vent boost. This can help in-gear acceleration times, engine responsiveness and the integrity of the turbocharger itself.

Normally the boost feed to the top of the DV would have been through the restriction of the throttle body and inlet manifold, so typically is of a lower value than the boost level on the underside of the DV, due to pressure drops inherent in any system. The IPCV is able to swap between a positive pressure feed during boost and a vacuum on idling and low engine speeds. This is state of change is clearly evident to the ECU of the vehicle, meaning that the DV will open and close as would be expected by the ECU, but the valve will behave more consistently than would normally be the case.

Priced at £71.95 + VAT (£86.34 inc.) The Forge IPCV is simply a performance essential for any tuned turbocharged car.