Bonhams Amelia Island Auction results

Bonhams Amelia Island Auction results

The 1937 BUGATTI TYPE 57SC SPORTS TOURER sold for $9.745m or £6,879,866 - Supercharged - supremely elegant - impeccable provenance - what a lovely thing to own!

If you think where this car is in the pantheon of car collecting - it's not an insane price - they are rarely available - find another example of comparable quality which is not in a long term collection - and that is currently for sale?

Not a bad set of results - here are some highlights in addition to the sublime "Bug":

Established classics:

1967 FERRARI 275 GTB/4 - In single ownership for nearly 45 years - Sold for US$ 2,750,000 (£1,943,465) inc. premiumOk - "interesting" history - not subject to a fresh restoration and a perfect candidate to drive opposed to preen over on a concours lawn. Not perfect enough for a lot of investor/collectors - which makes it all the more attractive for an enthusiast to really enjoy.

1937 MERCEDES-BENZ 540K CABRIOLET A - Coachwork by Sindelfingen - Sold for US$ 2,970,000 (£2,098,942) inc. premiumGood early history - freshly restored - demographics of today's collectors today mean that maybe the significance of this car is slightly diminishing in value? Nevertheless of 1 of 32 - and a blown stright eight engine - concours ready if that is your thing.

1960 MASERATI 3500 GT SPYDER - Coachwork by Vignale - Sold for US$ 880,000 (£621,908) inc. premiumAccepted these days as a really desirable car and although only a six pot - still looks cheap next to a contemporary Ferrari - and very beautiful to look at. This price still puts you way ahead of buying an indifferent example and getting one of the big hitters to restore it for you?

1994 PORSCHE 928 GTS - Sold for US$ 132,000 (£93,286) inc. premiumComfortably exceeding $75-100k estimate - and currently hyped in the media as "undervalued" compared to any air-cooled Pork - a manual late GTS with low miles and documented history - may well be one of the best examples in existence - but that's a big chunk of change to spend...but withing the context of some of the stuff in the sale - chump change?!

1935 RILEY MPH TWO SEATER SPORTS - The 'Swiss MPH' - Sold for US$ 880,000 (£621,908) inc. premiumOriginally delivered new to Switzerland and the 16th and last to be built and owned for nearly 50 years by Bob Lutz. Achingly pretty - never publically offered for sale before - ex Pebble Beach winner - best example in existence? Was estimated at $600-$750k - sold well -but will prove a bargain long term - no question.

1933 MASERATI 8C 3000 BIPOSTO - Engine no. 3004 - Sold for US$ 1,001,000 (£707,421) inc. premiumOk - it's a bitsa with original crankcase, gearbox and axle - so built to contemporary regs of 3 of 5 original key components - but the reality is that this is a road-going Supercharged Grand Prix car! Can you imagine what this blown straight eight Maserati sounds like when the taps are open?!! Ready to drive - accepted for what it is - and of the handful of no-stories cars left - when did you last see one out - let alone consider what you would need to offer to prize them out of the current custodian's hands? Try and find 3 original components today and go to Crossthwaite and Gardner and ask them to build you another - you will spend more than what this car fetched - and you won't have nearly 30 years of history - including previous MM entry etc. I adore this car and can only imagine what a thrill it would be to drive....must work harder!!

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