To be ridden with respect, 1980s CX500 Turbo offerd by HandH Classics


A fine and very rare example of the ‘mould-breaking’ motorbike built by Honda to break speed records in the 1980s, the CX500 Turbo is for sale through H&H Classics at their next auction in Duxford on October 12th

It has been with the current owner since 1982, has only 11,000 original miles and is estimated to sell for between £7,000 - £8,000. The monster bike was discovered by Mark Bryan, a specialist in the H&H Motorcycle Department, in the back of a garage, almost hidden away behind a life-time collection of stuff.

Mark Bryan says: “This bike has been described as dangerous, but as long as you respect the fact that you are sitting on a rocket, it can be thrilling to ride. I would describe riding one of these as sensational.”

When it was introduced in 1982, the CX500 Turbo was and remains one of the most futuristic motorcycles ever made. It not only featured turbocharging — ramming extra fuel/air mix into the engine to increase horsepower — but also computer control of the turbocharging, fuel injection, ignition and numerous other advanced features. It was not only a technological marvel in a stunning design.

The CX Turbo came as a direct response to Yamaha’s challenge to Honda for supremacy in the motorcycle market. Honda management decided to show just what the company was capable of with a design that was far ahead of any presumptuous rivals could do. That showpiece was the CX500 Turbo.

Honda put the CX500 Turbo on display at the 1980 Cologne International Motorcycle Show and later on exhibit at the Honda Research and Development Centre in Tokyo.