Kimi: No Reason To Be Sad - Ahead of last race with Ferrari

Kimi: No Reason To Be Sad - Ahead of last race with Ferrari

KIMI: “This is my last race with Ferrari, I’m excited and will try to have a good weekend. At the moment, though, I don’t feel any different to any other end of season race. I’m leaving the team, but we have  a very close relationship in many ways. Last night the team organized a  party for me, it was a really nice surprise, it was great  to have all the team together.  It’s so nice to see how much they all appreciate my efforts and I wanted to thank all of them. I don’t see any reason why I should be sad;  we’ve  had a great time together in two different periods of time, with some difficult days, but that’s all part of the game and I think it makes it even nicer. We won the Drivers’  Championship and two Constructors’ Championships together, I couldn’t ask for more; I’m glad that we managed to do that, it’s great what we achieved. It’s going to be special memories, in the future we are all going to be friends and that’s also important. We’ve come a long way since I returned to Ferrari in 2014; we made a huge step forward and today, everything is definitively  going in the right direction. Some things still need to be improved, but it’s the same with everything, the work never ends and we always try to do better”.

SEB: “Overall, I think this has been a good year, but not as good as we wanted, which is clear if you finish second in both Championships. We had a season of highs and lows, so naturally you would like to finish the year on a high. Then we’ll have to focus on how we can do our best for the next one, but first of all, I want to do well here this weekend. I hope the car will be strong and hopefully we can have a good race here in Abu Dhabi. I haven’t thought about the future yet, but the most important thing for me will be to start the new season happily. I think we’ll need a stronger package, as sometimes this year we lacked a bit of speed, but we are working hard to make that step forward and make the difference. All the people working at Ferrari are passionate about their job and feel privileged to be part of this team!”

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