FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy on Elba Island

FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy on Elba Island

Exactly forty years after the triumph of the legendary Italian Red Helmets during the FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) organised on Elba Island in 1981, history will repeat itself in the same location. The International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) in collaboration with the Italian Motorcycle Federation (FMI), has officially entrusted the organisation of the FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy to the Moto Club Isola d'Elba, which will be held from 20 to 23 October 2021.

The FMI Working Group made up of Franco Gualdi (Enduro Committee Coordinator), Francesco Mazzoleni (Regularity Manager of the Vintage Motorcycle Committee) and Paolo Buratti (Race Director) will support the organising committee, chaired by Daniele Anichini.

For the first time this year, the FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy will take place separately from the FIM ISDE that is contested on modern motorcycles, and which is also scheduled to take place in Italy in  Rivanazzano Terme from 30 August to 04 September.

The 2021 FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy will include:

• The Vintage Veterans Trophy Team: a competition for national teams. Each team will be composed of three riders aged at least 50 and who have been nominated by their respective federations.

• The Vintage Silver Vase Club team: a competition for club teams. Each team will be made up of three riders aged at least 35.

There will be four classes: A (motorcycles built up until 1975, 2 Strokes), B (motorcycles built up until 1975, 4 Strokes), C (motorcycles manufactured up until 1980), X (motorcycles manufactured up until 1986). In the Vintage Veterans Trophy team and in the Vintage Silver Vase Club team, each team must be represented in at least two of the classes A, B, C.

Giovanni Copioli, FMI President: “After the victory of the Italian team in Portugal in 2019, the meeting on the Island of Elba will certainly be unmissable. The FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy will not take place within the normal ISDE framework alongside the modern motorcycles as it has been until today, but it will be an event in all respects given the media and sporting importance it deserves. The scenario of the island of Elba evokes great memories for us Italian fans and will also guarantee fun and a good level of challenges thanks to the organisation of the local Moto Club. I thank the International Motorcycle Federation, who once again gave all their confidence to Italy and the FMI by entrusting us to deliver another high-level competition. We are committed to respecting all the health regulations necessary to safely welcome the many expected participants.”

Jorge Viegas, FIM President: “The organisation of the FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy outside the FIM ISDE will allow the development of this Enduro competition for classic motorcycles first introduced in 2016, during the Six Days which took place in Navarra, Spain. The FIM is delighted that the FMI and the Moto Club Isola d'Elba have accepted to organise the 2021 edition which will bring together a greater number of fans of classic Enduro motorcycles from 1975 to 1986 and 50cc to 250cc. We really hope that this unique competition will gather international media and fans for what will be an unforgettable 2021 edition. See you from October 20 to 23 on the Island of Elba!”

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