Full house entry list for Tour de Corse Historique

Full house entry list for Tour de Corse Historique

As if proof were needed of the fame of the historic Tour de Corse in France and on the international scene, the organisers took just a few weeks to fill the entry quota in the three eligible categories: VHC (historic racing cars), VHRS (historic cars, sporting regularity) and Legend (on show no timing).

Thus, more than 300 cars and their crews, a new entry record, will be at the start of the 2021 historic Tour de Corse in Porto Vecchio, which will take place from 3th to 9th October 2021. Among them are drivers and co-drivers from 12 countries: Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.
The field comprises numerous gentlemen drivers and major historic race regulars, but also professionals starting with the reigning winner, Alain Oreille and his wife Sylvie who triumphed last year in a Porsche 911. The former double world rally champion in Group N (1989 and 1990), winner of the 1989 WRC Tour de Corse in his works Renault 5 GT Turbo and a regular in this event in both its modern and historic incarnations, will be out to add a second consecutive victory to his laurels. 


Bruno Saby, a brilliant participant in the World, European and French Rally Championships, winner of the Dakar in 1993 and the Off-Road World Cup in 2005, will also return to the scene of his former exploits. The winner of the 1986 Tour de Corse WRC will combine the pleasure of historic car racing and his involvement in a cause that’s dear to his heart, the fight against cancer (www.espoir-isere-cancer.com), whose colours will be flown by his Ford Capri identical to the one in which he took part in the 1970 Tour de Corse with his father.

Younger and just as talented Christophe Vaison, double French Rallycross champion and winner of several ice races as well as being as much at home on asphalt, will be back on Corsican roads. He has already entered for the historic Tour de Corse on several occasions, in particular in his Lancia 037: in October as in 2020 he will drive a BMW M3. Another M3 has been entered by former French hope, Cédric Robert. He was a brilliant front-runner in the French Rally Championship and in several events counting for the World Rally Championship; and the Frenchman is on the verge of fulfilling his dream of taking part in the historic Tour de Corse in an iconic car.

Plenty of local drivers will be at the start beginning with Christophe Casanova and Olivier Capanaccia, second and third in the 2020 event, in their BMW M3s. They will be back to seek their revenge and climb up onto the topmost step of the podium. But don’t forget Marc Valliccioni, Thomas Argenti, Jean-Baptiste Botti and several other Corsican drivers determined to shine on their home turf.

Note that car zero will be driven by Anne-Chantal Pauwels, François Delcour’s former co-driver, who will have Bernard Baudet navigating at her side.
No matter what category they are entered for, all the crews will be determined to reach the end of the new 900-km route to be covered in five days. It comprises 18 special stages including some used by the WRC: in all 350 km on closed roads and 550 km liaisons on the most beautiful roads the island of beauty has to offer

The crews will rendezvous in Porto-Vecchio on 3-4 October where scrutineering and admistrative checks will take place and where a warm-up will be organised. The start ceremony and the first two special stages will be held on Tuesday 5th October. The next day competitors will head for the north east of Corsica and the village of Borgo, which will host the rally for the first time. Then the route will bring them to the north west and the third stage town, Calvi, the economic and tourist capital of la Balagne, overlooked by its historic citadel. 

After that, off to the south of the island on the fourth day to the city of Propriano, another newcomer to this edition of the event. And finally the finish of the rally will take place in Porto-Vecchio, the third-largest commune on the island in terms of size and number of inhabitants. In the past, the town was famous for the production of salt from its marshes. Today, it is better known for its superb beaches on the edge of the Tyrrhenian sea and for hosting the historic Tour de Corse in keeping with a well-established tradition!

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Sunday 3 October / Porto-Vecchio
Scrutineering and administrative checks
Monday 4 October / Porto-Vecchio
Scrutineering and administrative checks, warmup
Tuesday 5 October Porto-Vecchio - Porto-Vecchio
Starting ceremony
SS 1/SS 2, finish Porto-Vecchio
Wednesday 6 October / Porto-Vecchio - Borgo
SS/3-4-5-6, finish Borgo
Thursday 7 October / Borgo – Calvi
SS/7-8-9-10, finish Calvi
Friday 8 October / Calvi - Propriano
SS/11-12-13-14, finish Propriano
Saturday 9 October / Propriano - Porto-Vecchio
SS/15-16-17-18, finish Porto-Vecchio
VHC (Historic racing cars):
- Historic competition vehicles from 1947 to 1985 that have a PTH
- Vehicles from the classic competition group between 1977 and 1981 with a three-section passport.
- Competition vehicles from the J2 period (1986 to 1990) with a PTH
VHRS (Sporting regularity historic vehicles):
- Vehicles from 1947 to 1990, choice of four average speeds (High – Intermediate - Low - Reduced)
LEGEND (exhibition without timing):
- Vehicles from 1947 onwards

Image: Keep an eye on this BMW M3 driven by Corsican driver, Christophe Casanova.

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