Forza Clienti - new Supercar dealer web site by Racecar

Forza Clienti - new Supercar dealer web site by Racecar

Just launched a new web site for Forza Clienti - Supercar and Hypercar dealers. Although this is a new business - founder Dan Eales has extensive experience in this market from stints at Jack Barclay Bentley, Porsche retail group and more recently HR Owen Ferrari. This has resulted in Dan developing a really strong practical product knowledge of the latest models, together with first-hand understanding of customer service expectations in this demanding sector.

Forza Clienti presents an interesting option unencumbered with traditional dealership overheads, offering a good value proposition whether you are buying or selling. He's also still got youth on his side to still be really enthusiastic and not be tainted by cynicism yet - so get in there quick :)

There are a number of additional interesting cars which will be uploaded in the next few weeks - so get in touch with him if you seek a car that is not currently advertised on the site.

We designed and built the site and generated the high resolution logo artwork.

Click here for Forza Clienti web site - designed and built by Racecar

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