AFRICA ECO RACE off road rally confirmed for October 2022

AFRICA ECO RACE off road rally confirmed for October 2022

FROM OCTOBER 15th to 30th 2022


All Morocco lovers have been waiting for this news for a long time! It was confirmed a few days, the boats will finally be able to embark passengers and vehicles from France to Morocco.  The race team has not stopped working and is now speeding up to organize for its entrants for the 14th edition.

After 18 months of interruption due to the pandemic, enthusiasts of African off-road rallies will be eager to meet again and satisfy their thirst for freedom and wide-open spaces by participating in the only rally starting from Europe and crossing 3 countries - Morocco, Mauritania & Senegal.

Categories: Prototype cross-country cars (T1), series production cross-country cars (T2), lightweight prototypes (T3), modified production cross-country side by side (T4), prototype cross-country trucks (T5)

450cc, +450cc, Open, +650cc twin, Experimental

This category will enable people to discover the world of off-road rallying or to improve their skills before moving up into the real race; No chrono or pressure, a minimum of preparation for a maximum of pleasure and discovery.

Experienced guides will be on board to provide advice and accompany you in this journey, such as David FRETIGNE with his HONDA OFF-ROAD CENTER.

The RAID category is open:

To all cars and/or trucks, historic before 1986 or current
For motorcycles, from 450cc and up

Despite the increase in fuel cost, the registration fees for the AFRICA ECO RACE 2022 remain unchanged and therefore the prices are not impacted!

As usual, the prices include, among other services:

One way transport of passengers by boat, a perfect way to get to know each other better and/or reconnect with past competitors; that's the family/friends DNA of the AER.
Round trip transport of vehicles with a Dakar / France return in record time; saving time to get off to a better start.
No ATA carnet, the organization takes care of everything. No more heavy administrative procedures for the teams.

Jean-Louis SCHLESSER and his team are more motivated than ever and look forward to meeting you to welcome you to this new edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE 2022.

Register and take advantage of the preferential rate ending June 30, 2022 and for the female competitors, there is a 10% reduction on the registration!
Stay tuned, more exciting news coming soon !!

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