Banned Toyota Yaris GR advert - utterly moronic decision

Banned Toyota Yaris GR advert - utterly moronic decision

Utterly moronic decision by ASA!

A Toyota advert which “condoned and encouraged unsafe or irresponsible driving” has been banned 

People were able to infer Toyota GR Series vehicles were “capable of delivering a performance based on speed and an element of risk”, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled - after receiving 3 complaints. The ad appeared in 2 newspapers in April and May 2022 and featured an image of three cars driving close together along a country road, with the headline “That GR Feeling”.

At the bottom, it read: "Precise. Balanced. Playful. It’s this elusive combination that delivers the heart-pumping excitement of the Toyota GR Series. Pure performance cars, born from Toyota Gazoo Racing. And now on a road near you."

What utter bollocks! Next we shall be getting 20 mph speed limits on country road in Surrey and West Sussex...oh hang on..!

World has gone mad - as Yaris GR owner - can only chasten myself for even thinking of trying to actually safely enjoy driving on clear roads making progress.

Thank God a manufacturer still makes affordable fun cars for people who enjoy driving opposed to purely supplying transport modules for the growing hordes of ****witted dozy electric cross-over drivers who look forward to the world of autonomous driving cars in the future!

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