Ex-Rita Hayworth ’41 Lincoln Continental Coupe @ Worldwide Auctioneers

Ex-Rita Hayworth ’41 Lincoln Continental Coupe @ Worldwide Auctioneers

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• Gifted to Rita Hayworth by Orson Welles in 1941 and owned for some 30 years
• Professionally restored and remains in excellent condition
• One of the most exclusive and powerful luxury cars of the era
• Well-documented history since new

Rita Hayworth was the biggest star in Hollywood before WWII, starring in movies like "The Lady from Shanghai" and "My Gal Sal". During her courtship with Orson Welles, he bought this lovely Lincoln for her in California and had it delivered for her 24th birthday on a movie set in Georgia; they were married soon after.


She would go on to own and enjoy this car for some 30 years. It supported her "star quality", and one can imagine her silently rolling up to the studio gates in the big Lincoln with her auburn hair setting off her dazzling eyes and famous smile.


There are many famous images of Rita and the car, including one where she is sitting on the back deck of the car without bumpers, having donated them to America’s World War II scrap metal recycling campaign. She eventually gifted the car to her secretary, Frita Wolfe, who later sold it to Aspen Pittman for $2,000. Aspen was starting a new music business called Groove Tubes, and eventually sold the Continental to the Art Astor Collection, where it was correctly restored in the proper Paradise Green livery and refitted with what are believed to be the original Georgia license plates.

The Enthusiast Auction  •  April 22-23, 2022  • Auburn, IN
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