Southern 100 Merchandise On-Line

Fans and supporters of the Southern 100 International Road Races can now obtain the club’s Official Merchandise all year round thanks to our official supplier adding a special

With all profits from the sale of official Southern 100 Merchandise being utilised to improve safety and facilities for competitors and supporters of the ‘friendly races’, everyone will now be able to purchase the latest merchandise as soon as it becomes available.

The ‘new link’ will also assist in solving what to buy for that special occasion, birthday or festive season present!

Enjoy your Southern 100 on-line shopping and Southern 100 Racing looks forward to seeing you at Billown in 2017!

2017 DatesBlackford’s Pre-TT Classic Road Races26th, 27th & 29th May

Radcliffe’s Post TT Road Races10th June

Steam Packet Southern 100 International Road Races10th, 11th 12th & 13th July