Werk 8 - Garage Management APP web site by Racecar

Werk 8 - Garage Management APP web site by Racecar

Werk 8 - Garage Management APP

Racecar have designed and built a web site for Werk 8 - a Swiss company that has produced a garage management APP for garage businesses throughout Europe.

The site profiles the key features behind the APP and is in 4 languages, aimed at covering the key markets in Europe the APP is being rolled out to.

The guys behind the APP are real enthusiasts and have already established a strong user base, ranging from sole traders who find the APP an easy way to manage and administer jobs, whilst automatically communicating with customers, to larger businesses such as a franchised Porsche dealer, who have used the software to boost workshop hours sold and reduce time spent on admin by guys who are primarily employed to actively work on the tools.

Video intro features another Racecar client and user of the software - EverythingM3 - who commented - "using the Werk8 App the guys can easily input the work they are doing, order parts and liaise with customers whilst they are working on the cars. This has resulted in dramatic improvements in our workshop productivity."

Click here to view Werk8 web site - designed and built by Racecar

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