2003 Ferrari Enzo Offered at Mecum's Glendale Auction

2003 Ferrari Enzo Offered at Mecum's Glendale Auction

1 of 111 Imported into the U.S., Classiche Red Book, 6.0L/651 HP V-12

ESTIMATE: $3,500,000 - $4,000,000 ODOMETER READS†  27,090 kilometers
VIN / SERIAL   ZFFCW56AX30131631

ENGINE 6.0L/651 HP V-12



1 of 400 Enzos produced
16,833 miles, metric odometer reads 27,090 kilometers
Ferrari Classiche certified
Classiche Red Book
Monocoque chassis
6.0L/651 HP DOHC fuel-injected V-12 engine
Automatic transmission
Rosso Corsa DS322 exterior

Ferrari’s resurgence in the 1990s under President Luca di Montezemolo paid off with the 1999 World Manufacturers’ Championship, its first since 1983, followed by the first of superstar Michael Schumacher’s four consecutive World Driver’s Championship titles with Ferrari. These milestones coincided with di Montezemolo’s ambition to produce a worthy successor to the revolutionary F50 supercar, itself heir to Ferrari’s line of exotic supercars that included the 1984 288 GTO and the 1987 F40. Citing his desire for the new car to be “really impressive,” di Montezemolo envisioned a car that would challenge the company’s technical expertise in every area and be intimately tied to Ferrari’s racing programs to celebrate their growing success. Most importantly, it would bear the name of the company’s legendary founder: Enzo.


To establish the Enzo’s F1 pedigree, the engineering team consulted with Ferrari’s racing department on all matters technical, with Schumacher himself contributing significant development driving and setup.


When unveiled at the Fiorano test track in 2002, the midengined, carbon fiber monocoque two-seater Enzo was the most technologically advanced road car the world had ever seen. Its all-new powerplant heralded a new generation of Formula 1 Ferrari-inspired V-12 engines. Displacing a full 6 liters, it employed the 1995 F1’s sophisticated variable-length induction, four valves per cylinder and Ferrari’s first constantly variable exhaust-valve timing system to drive 651 HP at 7,800 RPM and 484 lb-ft of torque at 5,500 RPM through a programmable 6-speed paddle-shifted F1 sequential gearbox. Adjustable double wishbone suspension was complemented by horizontally opposed pushrod coil springs and adaptive shock absorbers, the latter using seven sensors and an integrated brake switch to execute millisecond adjustments for superior ride comfort and body control. Massive Brembo 15-inch vented carbon ceramic disc brakes—the first on any road car—produced astounding deceleration while remaining fade-free. Another world first was the Enzo’s fully integrated computer control systems—engine and transmission, suspension, traction and launch control, brake force distribution and ABS—to produce optimum performance under every driving condition.


Built on an extremely rigid carbon fiber tub weighing just 92 pounds, the Enzo is cloaked in aerodynamically efficient bodywork born of an internal competition held by Sergio Pininfarina and his design chief Lorenzo Ramaciotti, who narrowed almost two dozen proposals down to two. The pair then produced another model featuring an F1-inspired nose that would become the Enzo’s central visual feature. Elements of the three designs were then integrated into one, but Ferrari management decided on one more demand: eliminate the rear wing found in all three proposals. The resulting final design was refined in Pininfarina’s wind tunnel to produce 758 pounds of downforce at 124 MPH (double that of the F50), topping out at 1,709 at 185 MPH before active aerodynamics level it off at 1,290 to allow the car’s top speed of 218 MPH.


Road & Track Magazine’s in-depth 2003 review of the sparkling new Ferrari Enzo closed with the following observation: “The myth that a super sports car with exceptional performance cannot be civilized at the same time has been broken. The Ferrari Enzo is both an ultra-high-performance car and a capable grand tourer. Just as when each speed record set at the Bonneville Salt Flats invites another challenger to go even faster, Maranello has entered the Enzo into another supercar realm where the rest of the world has to catch up.” A full 20 years later, the superpowers that defined the Enzo upon its introduction have not faded in the least, an especially noteworthy point in light of subsequent advances in automotive performance.


One of just 111 imported into the U.S. market from a total production of 400 units, the 2003 Ferrari Enzo offered here is the very definition of a collector Ferrari, bringing with it a fascinating backstory. Delivered new to a New York Ferrari dealer with classic Rosso Corsa paint and Pella Nera interior, its first owner, in the pursuit of exclusivity, quickly decided to have it repainted black, a color Ferrari had initially rejected for production due to early finishing issues. Having subsequently resolved that situation, Ferrari executed the color change, ensuring the highest quality finish.


Five months after taking delivery of the Enzo, the first owner sold the car to its next owner in Texas with an odometer reading of 1,105 miles. During that second ownership, the engine developed a technical problem; Ferrari S.p.A. immediately replaced the engine under warranty, a fact documented by the Enzo’s accompanying Ferrari Classiche certification.


At 9,739 miles, the car changed hands for a third time in July 2006 to a new owner in Oregon. It was then sent to Germany, where it remained for three years until being imported back into the U.S. in July 2009. Its fourth owner later decided to have the car repainted in the original Rosso Corsa by the world famous Carrozzeria Zanasi Maranello, again ensuring the utmost in quality and craftsmanship and retaining the car’s outstanding pedigree.


With just 16,833 miles (the metric odometer reads 27,090 kilometers), this 2003 Enzo has been driven and maintained with great care throughout its life thanks to conscientious ownership and remains in exquisite condition, a masterpiece of Ferrari design, performance and technological excellence. Presented with its original warranty book, service books, fitted luggage, factory literature and all other factory ancillaries, it is proudly offered with Ferrari Classiche certification including the highly coveted Classiche Red Book.

Auction March 5-9, 2024
Text & Image: Mecum

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