Demarchi heads to Donington for season finale

The 2015 Sports and Touring cars Championship comes to an end next 7 November at Donington Park

After putting in a brilliant performance at Silverstone International, where the penultimate event took place, Italy´s racer returns to UK soil for 2015 season closer. Demarchi has carried out a faultless season and has visited the podium on several occasions. As a result, the BMW Dual Fuel entered by Ecomotive Solutions/Saxon motorsport sits second overall.

“We know our car will be rather competitive at Donington. In fact, we took win there with our first M1 unit, so we arrive confident and aware that we can do. Obviously our new car should be even more competitive, so we look to repeat win. We have to work on set-up during free practice session and then, depending on the weather, dry or wet, chose the right way. I think our competitiveness should be good both in dry and wet conditions. I already put experience under my belt at Donington in dry conditions, and my driving is quite good when rain comes.”

“We have surpassed our objectives at the beginning”, Demarchi explains, “because our main goal was focused on car development. But our results were pretty good from the very first moment. We are in title contention, so it proves how reliable Dual Fuel system developed by Ecomotive Solutions is. And I really hope we will be able to build upon this solid project to move ahead. I know this car has room for improvement, and we know what and how to make it. So I am looking forward to 2016!”