Under 21 stars get senior break in Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup

The sport’s junior stars could get their senior break in the Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup in 2016.

Every country now has the option to select an under-21 rider, who will serve as a reserve for their four-man team.

Should one of the quartet be forced out of a Monster Energy SWC round for medical reasons during the meeting, the under-21 star can be drafted in to take their place.BSI Speedway managing director Torben Olsen hopes the move will ensure teams are given the opportunity to continue competing at full-strength, while handing the sport’s most promising young guns invaluable experience of racing in some of speedway’s biggest meetings.

He said: “Injuries are sadly part of the sport and we’ve seen the effect they can have on an SWC event, not least when Poland’s Jaroslaw Hampel suffered a broken leg at Gniezno in the summer.

“By giving teams this reserve facility, we’re ensuring team managers have a back-up plan, in case a rider is forced out for medical reasons.

“It will also improve the spectacle for the fans in attendance and watching at home – everyone wants to see four riders in a race if at all possible.

“And if we can give some of the sport’s promising youngsters their opportunity to compete in the Monster Energy SWC, the experience will be invaluable as they strive to become team regulars in the future.”