Team Monster Win Best Pairs Opener‏

For the first time ever ‘Team Monster Energy’ took to a speedway track and true to form, they emerged victorious.

Chris Holder, Greg Hancock and reserve Pawel Przedpelski donned the black and green to take on six other teams in the exciting ‘Best Pairs’ tournament, and the boys powered to an opening round victory in awesome style.

Pairs speedway is all about racing as a team and working as a partnership and Greg and Chris had it pinned the whole way through, dovetailing with each other perfectly to send thousands of frenzied fans into raptures.

The world’s premier speedway facility, the Torun MotoArena, was the venue and over 8000 fans turned up to see some of the world’s best racers go bar-to-bar in an exciting format – and they were not disappointed.

They were treated to some epic racing, from guys scraping inches from the fence to creeping underneath each other with millimetres to spare, it was a speedway feast and the Monster Energy boys took their place at the top table.

Sometimes you need as much luck as anything else and Holder and Hancock definitely received a stroke of good fortune in the Final when Martin Vaculik, of ‘Team Boll’, broke down when he looked set to join Patryk Dudek for a match-winning 5-1.

Nobody could deny that Monster deserved their victory, though, as they were the top scorers throughout the qualification races and were the most in-sync pairing all night.

Speaking at the end of a nerve-shredding race, Greg Hancock told us: “Man, it feels so good to win the first round and put the M-claw on top. Pairs racing takes a bit of a different skill-set to individual racing and myself and Chris worked really well together, we had a good understanding.

“We got a stroke of luck in the Final but sometimes you make your own luck so we’ll take it! We’re just stoked that we could win the first round and take a good result into the rest of the series.”

Chris Holder was back to his best too and came away as a happy man; “I feel really good at the moment, back to my old self. It’s the first time there’s been a ‘Team Monster Energy’ so we were keen to make sure we got a good result and thankfully we did that. On to the next round now.”

The second round takes place in Landshut, Germany, on March 5 and we’ll be right there to give you the lowdown – so stay locked in!