92nd Indy 500 Starting Line-up

Sunday  May 25 92nd INDIANAPOLIS 500 - Tickets starting at $20  

  Public Gates Open 6 a.m.-6 p.m.   / Spectacle of Bands 8 a.m.    Celebrity Red Carpet Walk Hosted by EXTRA!, Pagoda Plaza 10 a.m.    2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden Demonstration Lap 11 a.m.    "On the Banks of the Wabash" Performed by the Purdue Marching Band 11:15 a.m.    Pre-Race Concert Featuring Jack's Mannequin, Coke Zero Stage 11:20 a.m.-12:20 p.m.    Celebrity/VIP Parade Lap 11:45 a.m.    Military Recognition Lap and March 12:09 p.m.    Driver Introductions, Yard of Bricks 12:32 p.m.    "God Bless America" Performed by Florence Henderson, Victory Podium 12:51 p.m.    National Anthem Performed by Julianne Hough, Victory Podium, Flyover 12:54 p.m.    Invocation by Archbishop Daniel Buechlein, Victory Podium 12:58 p.m.    "Taps," Victory Podium 1 p.m.    "Back Home Again in Indiana" Performed by Jim Nabors, Victory Podium, Balloon Spectacle 1:02 p.m. 

  Command to Start Engines, Mari Hulman George, Victory Podium 1:03 p.m. 

  2008 Chevrolet Corvette Pace Car Driver Emerson Fittipaldi Leads the Field to the Start 1:04 p.m.

  Honorary Starter Kristi Yamaguchi Waves the Green Flag to Start the 92nd Indianapolis 500-Mile Race

Row 1

Pos. 1Scott DixonCar # 9D/H/FSpeed/Time: 226.366/2:39.0348Pos. 2Dan WheldonCar # 10D/H/FSpeed/Time: 226.110/2:39.2143Pos. 3Ryan BriscoeCar # 6D/H/FSpeed/Time: 226.080/2:39.2358Row 2

Pos. 4Helio CastronevesCar # 3D/H/FSpeed/Time: 225.733/2:39.4806Pos. 5Danica PatrickCar # 7D/H/FSpeed/Time: 225.197/2:39.8601Pos. 6Tony KanaanCar # 11D/H/FSpeed/Time: 224.794/2:40.1463Row 3

Pos. 7Marco AndrettiCar # 26D/H/FSpeed/Time: 224.417/2:40.4155Pos. 8Vitor MeiraCar # 4D/H/FSpeed/Time: 224.346/2:40.4663Pos. 9Hideki MutohCar # 27D/H/FSpeed/Time: 223.887/2:40.7952Row 4

Pos. 10Ed CarpenterCar # 20D/H/FSpeed/Time: 223.835/2:40.8324Pos. 11Tomas ScheckterCar # 12D/H/FSpeed/Time: 223.496/2:41.0767Pos. 12Townsend BellCar # 99D/H/FSpeed/Time: 222.539/2:41.7693Row 5

Pos. 13Graham RahalCar # 06D/H/FSpeed/Time: 222.531/2:41.7753Pos. 14Darren ManningCar # 14D/H/FSpeed/Time: 222.430/2:41.8486Pos. 15Bruno JunqueiraCar # 18D/H/FSpeed/Time: 222.330/2:41.9214Row 6

Pos. 16Justin WilsonCar # 02D/H/FSpeed/Time: 222.267/2:41.9676Pos. 17Buddy RiceCar # 15D/H/FSpeed/Time: 222.101/2:42.0885Pos. 18Davey HamiltonCar # 22D/H/FSpeed/Time: 222.017/2:42.1498Row 7

Pos. 19Alex LloydCar # 16D/H/FSpeed/Time: 221.788/2:42.3171Pos. 20Ryan Hunter-ReayCar # 17D/H/FSpeed/Time: 221.579/2:42.4701Pos. 21John AndrettiCar # 24D/H/FSpeed/Time: 221.550/2:42.4913Row 8

Pos. 22Sarah FisherCar # 67D/H/FSpeed/Time: 221.246/2:42.7146Pos. 23Will PowerCar # 8D/H/FSpeed/Time: 221.136/2:42.7956Pos. 24Jeff SimmonsCar # 41D/H/FSpeed/Time: 221.103/2:42.8204Row 9

Pos. 25Oriol ServiaCar # 5D/H/FSpeed/Time: 220.767/2:43.0682Pos. 26EJ VisoCar # 33D/H/FSpeed/Time: 220.356/2:43.3720Pos. 27Milka DunoCar # 23D/H/FSpeed/Time: 220.305/2:43.4095Row 10

Pos. 28Mario MoraesCar # 19D/H/FSpeed/Time: 219.716/2:43.8482Pos. 29Enrique BernoldiCar # 36D/H/FSpeed/Time: 219.422/2:44.0676Pos. 30Jaime CamaraCar # 34D/H/FSpeed/Time: 219.345/2:44.1248Row 11

Pos. 31A.J. Foyt IVCar # 2D/H/FSpeed/Time: 219.184/2:44.2458Pos. 32Buddy LazierCar # 91D/H/FSpeed/Time: 219.015/2:44.3720Pos. 33Marty Roth Car # 25D/H/FSpeed/Time: 218.965/2:44.4096