The Suter MMX 500, dubbed the Legends 500

The Suter MMX 500, dubbed the Legends 500

Marks a new chapter in the World GP Bike Legends story.

The Suter MMX 500 is a reliable bike that retains the tarmac-shredding soul of the original machines that inspired it. It is undoubtedly a tempting prospect for bike collectors and fans alike, and what’s more, there are some substantial racing benefits to purchasing the Legends 500.

The inaugural World GP Bike Legends event held at Jerez in June 2015 showed that the passion for 2-stroke machinery is stronger than ever, and while the original bikes that wowed millions of fans around the world are growing ever more valuable and scarce, the stunning new Suter Legends 500 will provide all the sights and sounds at a fraction of the cost and without the risk to the irreplaceable originals.

The legendary riders are lined up and ready to race, and with the Suter machinery in evocative period livery, World GP Bike Legends events in 2016 will be louder and more spectacular than any other race meeting on the planet!

Suter 500 project

A v4 580cc two-stroke machine  ready to race.

The Suter 500 project is very ambitious and took an enormousamount of development. To combine almost lost know-how in two-stroke technology with the latest high-tech motorcycle developments demanded a sophisticated approach.

Our engineers and technicians did everything imaginable to make this motorcycle meet the expectations we also had ourselves. Supported by a state of the art production facility we focused entirely on Swiss quality and perfect craftsmanship.

We are proud of the outcome…

195hp | 127kg | >310 km/h

FrameCNC machined Aluminium twin spar with multi adjustable steering/wheelbase/riding position/height

SwingarmAluminium swingarm, CNC machined, adjustable

SuspensionÖhlins upside down front fork & rear shock; all adjustable for pre-load, compression & rebound damping. Different rear links available

WheelsOZ (Magnesium or Aluminium) 17x 3.75 Front 17x 6.0 Rear 

Tyres125/75 R 17 Front 205/75 R 17 Rear 

BrakesBrembo Two 320mm steel front disc with 4 piston calipers One 218 mm steel rear disc with 2 piston caliper 

Fuel TankCarbon Fibre / Inbuilt fuel pump

BodyworkCarbon Fibre

Data Recording2D (optional)

Engine Type4 Cylinder V4 two stroke with double counter rotating crankshaft

Displacement576 ccm

Bore x Stroke56 x 58,5

Max. revs13'000

Max Power195 hp

AspirationElectronic fuel injection four port throttle body four carbon reed valves 

Exhaust ValveDouble flap electronic controlled 

ExhaustAkrapovic four single resonance Titanium chambers 

GearboxSRT six speed cassette gearbox

Clutch TypeSuterClutch multi disc dry

IgnitionMectronic ECU

The Suter MMX 500 is an exclusive racing motorcycle, which is also marked by its strictly limited edition status. Developed and produced by our racing division, this technical master­piece is built for skillful hands and appreciating hearts only.

Engineered applying the latest design and manufacturing technologies, using high-quality precision parts, we put all our passion into it. Double counter rotating crankshafts and an electronic fuel injection iconify our effort in building it.

We offer 195hp @ 13’000 rpm with an astonishing weight of 127kg for 120‘000 Swiss Francs. Maximum speeds in excess of 310 km/h are then in the hands of the pilot …

Yes, you could simply buy a Suter MMX 500. One of the most impressive motorcycles ever made available to the public.

But why not go further? Be a team owner! Choose your favourite driver, the idol of your youth, out of the starting grid, select your team design or follow the co­lour scheme of the historic hero’s bikes.

Visit the races of the World GP Bike Legends series (WGBL) with your family, friends or business guests as a team owner.

Once in your collection, maybe even ridden by yourself, you will forever remember the smell of her burning the 2 stroke fuel whilst battling Spencer, Gardner, Schwantz, Capirossi, Cadalora and all the other GP Legends. Allow yourself these extra emotions!