EKOnova Rally in Slovenia

S Rally will organize a major international ecological rally EKOnova, between 31 March and 2 April. The center of the rally EKOnova will be held in Bled, the Slovenian Alpine pearl. Competitors will drive through some of the most beautiful mountain roads in Slovenia and Austria. Participants will have to obey the rules of the FIA Alternative Energies Cup.

In fact, S Rally will organize two rallies, named EKOnova PRO and EKOnova AM.

"At EKOnova Rally PRO we will fully obey the rules of the FIA Alternative Energies Cup, that include cars, which compete in groups IIIA, VII and VIII and all other technical and sports rules, required by FIA. Competitors in the PRO group - as professionals - will have to drive 9 precise rides and one skill ride in two days in BTC. It's about some technically demanding roads through mountain passes including the border ones, as well as some challenging roads, which are also known from sports rallies", says Primo� Leme�, the main organizer of the rally EKOnova.

"In the AM group - as amateurs - rules are slightly different. Rally contestants may participate with any car, not just those imposed by the FIA. However, sports rules are exactly the same. Results in both groups will base on the accuracy in precise rides and the energy consumed. The difference between those two groups is in the fact that participants in the PRO group may have additional support for distance measurement which is connected directly to the car, while in AM group they shouldn't have it. Participants in AM group will compete only on Saturday, but the Saturday itinerary is same for both groups!"

Organizers decided to make that step because neither in Slovenia nor in the rest of Europe are enough cars on the roads that can perform on the FIA Alternative Energies competitions: "Furthermore, our intention is to aware people that not just a car but even the driving style has a major impact on fuel consumption. At the Geoss rally (which was organized very similarly as will be the EKOnova Rally) we found that the contestants have for 2 to 3 liters less consumption per 100 kilometers, as is their average. At the same time they don't drive any slower.

With such events, we may also encourage them to buy any eco model! This way, we can provide also to participants that took part in Rally Geoss to attend the Rally EKOnova. "

The rally will be held in Slovenia and Austria. In those two days, the participants will have to cross several times the border with Austria.

"We decided to cooperate with Austria for several reasons. Firstly, borders are not as open as they were until recently. I wish that the cooperation between the two nations remained unchanged. Secondly, Italians have some races in the FIA Alternative Energies Cup, but Austrians don't even have one. What's more, there are many Italian drivers in the FIA Cup, but I haven't noticed any Austrian ones. I hope that in the future, owing to the EKOnova Rally, any of them will join the FIA Cup."

The organizers are trying to make that rally the best organized eco rally of this season in the World. They also got much help from the company Sava Turizem, which understands that such events are an excellent opportunity for promotions and earnings. The organizers will surely get lots of benefits from the infrastructure of their hotels in Bled! The organizers wish to thank also the Austrian automobile club of OSK and the Slovenian tourist organization for all the support and help in organizing the event!

But what Primo� Leme� respects and admires mostly is the principled and organizational support of Bled and its mayor Janez Fajfar as well as Ljubljana, the European Green Capital 2016 and its mayor Zoran Janković.The organizers have prepared extremely favorable prices for all participants. Thus, the fee for the Rally and two overnight accommodations for two in Hotel Park (4 *) in Bled will only cost 450 euros!More information about EKOnova Rally Slovenia on: www.econova.siSo "Let's Rally", which literally means to get together and be united. So we'll meet in "eco-style!"