Third GT Open success of the season for Giammaria,Companc and AF Corse

Parente-Ramos (Teo Martín Motorsport) keep a 4-point leadership thanks to 2nd Cameron-Griffin (AF Corse) on the podium Sdanewitsch-Melnikov make it a double win in GT-Am

Raffaele Giammaria and Ezequiel Pérez-Companc (AF Corse Ferrari) put a perfect race to take their third win of the season in Sunday’s Race 2 at the Red Bull Ring. The pair had a perfect strategy, having saved a set of fresh tires in practices and dropped some handicap on Saturday. 

They beat Álvaro Parente-Miguel Ramos (Teo Martin McLaren), who recovered well from the previous day's misfortunes, and the other AF Corse Ferrari of Matt Griffin-Duncan Cameron. Giammaria-Companc are now second in the standings, only 4 points behind the McLaren and one ahead of team-mates Lathouras-Rugolo, today 4th. 

The Villorba Ferrari of Balzan-Benucci, who led in the first stint, was unlucky as a battery problem during the pit stop costed three laps, and so was also the AERT Lambo, delayed by a spin. Claudio Sdanewitsch-Ilya Melnikov (AF Corse) doubled yesterday’s win in GT-Am. 

THE RACE – Poor start for poleman Parente, who gets passed by Balzan and Giammaria. The trio is followed by Lathouras, Nebylitskiy, Griffin and Roda. Flohr and the Radical of Hoy (gearbox) did not show up. In lap 2, Griffin overtakes Nebylitskiy and soon after Parente steals second from Giammaria. The McLaren has slight body damage in the rear, resulting from a possible contact. Still, it closes on Balzan, with Giammaria a very close third, while Griffin is now fourth.

As Balzan takes some breathing space, positions stabilize, while in lap 13 there is a contact between Talkanitsa sr and Nebylitskiy, without damage. One lap later, the Russian and Lathouras are the first to stop for the driver change, with Giammaria, Balzan and Parente stopping last. Drama is in the pits as the Villorba doesn’t restart, because of a battery problem. In the meantime, Ramos is out right behind Companc, who is in the lead with 1.5 seconds. Cameron is third ahead of Roda, Talkanitsa jr, Rugolo and Barba. The Villorba is eventually back 3 laps behind. 

While Rugolo takes fifth from Talka, Roda attacks Cameron for third but makes a mistake. In the lead, Companc pulls away to win with over 10 seconds. Final laps see Barba spinning and Rugolo putting the show as he passes Roda but fells inches short from taking third to Cameron. 


Overall: 1. Parente-Ramos, 112 points; 2. Giammaria-Companc, 108; 3. Rugolo-Lathouras, 107; 4. Balzan-

Benucci, 90; 5. E. López, 55;  6. Balfe-Keen, 47; etc

Pro-Am: 1. Ramos-Parente, 49; 2. Giammaria-Companc, Lathouras-Rugolo, 44; 4. Benucci-Balzan, 38; 5.

López, 22; 6. Balfe-Keen, 20; etc

GT-Am: 1.Sdanewitsch-Melnikov, 30; 2. Barreiros, 26; 3. Silva-Coimbra, 15; 4. Rasmussen, 18; 5. Guedes, 8.  

Teams: 1. AF Corse, 93; 2. Teo Martín Motorsport, 49; 3. Villorba Corse, 38; 4. Baporo Motorsport, 22; 5. Balfe

Motorsport, 20; 6. AERT, 8; etc

Cup Pro-Am: 1. Abbott-Nouri, 20

Cup Am: 1. Unzurrunzaga, 14; 2. Abbott-Hoy, 5