Outstanding Performance by Niklas Krutten at European Championship Final

Quickest driver from GermanyFour Top-10 finishes in Pre-RacesLap-times within the Top-5 racersLast weekend, the up-and-coming star Niklas Krütten raced in the fourth and final round of the CIK-FIA European Championship, taking place at the International Karting Circuit in Genk (Belgium). With 76 starters from 26 nations, the OK Junior Category had attracted numerous high-qualified drivers, but the 13-year-old underlined his aspiring performance from this year and his soon-to-come motorsport ambitions.The international kart sport elite gathered together with a total of 189 drivers from 35 nations at last weekends final round of the CIK-FIA European Championship in Genk. Niklas Krütten was able to emphasis his performance right from the beginning. He was able to transfer his strong lap-times from the free practice sessions and confirmed it with an impressive sixth position from 15 places in total in his group.The result from the qualifying meant row three on the grid for the young driver based in Trier for all four pre-races on Saturday. The pre-races were extremely competitive but Niklas used his options perfectly and shone with great battles and lap-times that were continuously as fast as the front runners. The 13-year-old had fought his way up into a ninth overall position, following a third, fifth, seventh and eights finish in the pre-races – Niklas had secured a place in the Top-10 of the European Championship.Niklas started from a promising fifth place on the grid in the first final race on Sunday morning. He had climbed up into fourth place soon after the start, but a gast starter drove into Niklas´ kart, forcing him into a spin. Niklas was able to push his kart and keep going, but was not able to make-up the half second he had lost by the checkered flag, meaning he had missed the qualification for the second final race and all chances for a podium finish."Of course, I am disappointed and angry. Such overly motivated and overcharged gast starters should not compete at a European Championship round", said Niklas after the race. "Apart from this one incident, we really had our best weekend this year. I was constantly the quickest driver from Germany and my results speak for themselves. At the same time, I am really pleased for my team-mate Fin Kenneally and my team Ricky Flynn Motorsports for winning the title.“After a holiday break and a few test days in August, Niklas will start at the third round of the German Kart Championship (DKM) in Oschersleben (Germany) from 9th until 11th September 2016. he third round of the German Kart Championship (DKM) in Oschersleben (Germany) from 9th until 11th September 2016.